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Balancing all activities on the lake is the subject of special monitoring by the Lake Society. It is necessary that each sport can be practiced in the respect of the other.

The rowing line draws without disturbing the fisherman and gives way to the scheduled hours of fast boats with powerful engines. They give up the land to the sailboats when the wind blows or the time has passed. Divers enjoy the tranquility of the shore strip and their reserved area. And the fishermen, respecting the reed beds, watch their lines over the water under the benevolent eye of the local residents.

This management "father of family" reflects the desire of the Lake Society to allow everyone to enjoy a lake whose total area of 390 hectares does not allow the creation of stadiums reserved, nor the practice of other sports more extreme: water scooters, kitesurfing, ...


Maurice Despierre

Garde Assermenté

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