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Environmental Sustainability

The Lake Society has installed more than 300m of anti-wake protection along the Vers Ars reed bed and re-planting reeds in this area.

The Lake Society is concerned about the protection of the site:


- it regularly conducts analyzes of water and sediments.


- it participates in the maintenance of the reed beds and takes particular care to prevent any penetrations, to remove the boats which would be stationed there and to put in place the necessary protections.


- it creates the necessary mooring points to prevent the proliferation of buoys and remove stakes, tires or cans.


- it ensures the respect of the rules of circulation.


- it intervenes in case of pollution, including by legal actions.


- it organizes the cleaning of the banks in case of necessity.


- it intervenes sometimes in emergency, to remove from the lake any dangerous floating object.


- it prohibits any hunting action on the lake, but has asked and obtained authorization to destroy muskrats that hurt reed beds and banks, cormorants whose proliferation affects the equilibrium of the fish fauna.


- it fights the concreting of the banks and the abusive embankments.


- it deplores the wild penetration of the banks and draws the attention of the public authorities on this point.



The guard of the lake, who is sworn, may be required to draw up minutes in case of breach of the rules of good conduct.

protect the lake of paladru
fight against the pollution of lake paladru
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