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The waters of the lake cover the vestiges of two periods of occupation of the banks dating back, one to the end of the Neolithic period (approximately 2,700 years before Christ), and the other to "the year one thousand" (beginning of the XIth century). In both cases, they were dwellings built on the edge of the lake. The site of the lake is well known in the world of underwater excavations (Museum website-excavations) .


For the record, at the beginning of the 20th century the company of the lake brought a lawsuit against a dishonest resident who was building on the lake. Good for her because she thus prevented the destruction of the site of the current excavations.


Lac de Paladru, which for a long time belonged to the Counts of Clermont, one of the great families of Dauphiné, has always remained a private domain. In 1874, the owners of the time founded between them a civil society, the “Société du lac de Paladru”.
Since that date, this company has managed the body of water.

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