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Welcome to Paladru Lake


The speed is limited to 5 km / h. Navigation and fishing are prohibited on the lake at night.


Purchase of cards and rights to sail 2018 can be found at the "La Maison de La Pêche" in Paladru: From 16 December 2017 the 2018 fishing cards can be purchased online safely on :


Purchase of fishing cards and right to sail 2018 will be provided at the "La Maison de la Pêche" from 9am to 12pm in December 2017: 16/12/2017; in January the: 01/13/18, 01/20, 01/27, in February the 02/03/18 before the GA from 8h to 9h30 for those who live far away and 09 // 02/18.

Article from Dauphiné Libéré 20sept17

Private lake managed by the Société du Lac de Paladru

Lake height: - 12 cm

Temperature 6°C

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